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click here for ” How to repair a failed install or Upgrade of iBuzzer”

We’ll need some help in trying to reproduce¬† the problem, Please include all the information you can,¬† so we can determine if the problem is in the software, or if it’s related to the data coming from the iRacing servers.

        1. What is the issue?
        2. When does it happen?
        3. The track you are at?
        4. Which Car?
        5. The features you are using in the software, A screen capture of the software is the best way to provide this information.

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28 Responses to Support

  1. I made the purchase of your product iBuzzer – G for the full version with my PayPal account everything went through no problem but I did not get any information to register my product with their proper pallet ID when will this come to me thank you for your time

  2. Michael Tibbetts says:

    how do I register my ibuzzer again I already baught it but had to reformat my computer I installed it but it wants me to buy it again but I already have it?

  3. Chris miller says:

    Haven’t not received an email back w the
    code I need within 24 hrs of paying for it???
    Confirm the correct email I need to send
    My unique code to manually

  4. James A Tyler says:

    My I buzzer won’t load on start up even though I have the box checked. Everything else I use I buzzer for seems to be working fine.

    • MikeP says:

      iBuzzer doesn’t have an option to “Load at startup” do you mean the “auto start on load” which toggles the start suspend button to be in the start position?

      • James A Tyler says:

        Yes that one. I just had to do a complete reinstall of windows and now my Ibuzzer G wont start (as it did before) on windows startup. So should I have the auto start on load checked or unchecked?

        • MikeP says:

          To have the software start with windows, you’ll need to set up a task or have it in your startup apps depending on which version of windows you’re using, the software itself does not have the ability to startup with windows, the run at start will only start the link to the iracing stream once the software starts without manually slicking the start button in the software

          • James A Tyler says:

            Got it. I’m using Win 7 I must have had it set as one of the start up programs the 1st time. Thanks for the help Mike.

  5. Dave Nestor says:

    My ibuzzer will not open now. I paid for it and only use it on my one computer so I dont think you would have stopped it for piracy so why dont it work?

  6. Daniel M. Rindahl says:

    Hey Mike, my name changed on iRacing so when I do the auto register it fails and I can’t remember my number. Any way you could email me the code number to unlock the newest version.


  7. Gary Lough says:

    This was a great tool but now I can’t even use it, I tried all the fixes and they wont load because of errors, lost for words

  8. Gary Lough says:

    ibuzzer G

  9. Gary Lough says:

    I’m having the same problem with the – I never had a problem untill your last update now I got nothing?

    Component Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks 10.0 has failed to install with the following error message:
    “Fatal error during installation. ”

    The following components failed to install:
    – Microsoft Visual Basic PowerPacks 10.0

    See the setup log file located at ‘C:\Users\Lodown\AppData\Local\Temp\VSDA5A1.tmp\install.log’ for more information.

  10. Gary Lough says:

    I’m not sure what fixed it but I reloaded it for like the 8th time and it finally went all the way thru and loaded correctly, now I think it will work ok but I can’t be sure until iracings back up.

    Thanks for your help!

  11. scott butler says:

    i paid with a different paypal account and was wondering how do i register to the paid version

  12. Matthew Scott says:

    User/Matthew Scott8
    I have tried to register every which a way and it says..Paid user not found in database.

  13. Brian Timbrell says:

    ive tried to purchase this program a few times but havent been able to get a code can someone look into this please

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