iBuzzer has stopped working or won’t open FIX

The latest update to iBuzzer can cause issues with opening older versions of iBuzzer, 
This is caused by a change in security certificates used with it, 
the quickest fix is to uninstall the old version and install the latest version from http://ibuzzer.info/ibuzzergb/publish.htm 
sorry for any inconvienience this may cause you.

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10 Responses to iBuzzer has stopped working or won’t open FIX

  1. David Dreckman says:

    I can”t get my pit “10 away” and “5 away” files to work now. Is this no longer supported?

    • MikeP says:

      the countdown still works the same way, but since there are multiple ways to play sounds, use spotter pack, use custom wave, use tts, etc, you have to make sure the correect options are selected for the type of countdown you are trying to hear, as well as the correct device to output the sound.

  2. David Dreckman says:

    I’m using the files from Dwarehouseom. I’ll try again. Thanks!

  3. David Dreckman says:

    Spotter box is checked, tts voice is checked, I don’t see a custom waves box to check. When I try to select my file in Spotter spsmg.txt file, it doesn’t show up, and that bar is red. These files worked flawless before, what is different? I noticed on the i buzzer install it had to update .net framework now. Could this be the problem?


    • MikeP says:

      To use a custom wave file TTS must be unchecked, spotter must be unchecked, under configuration you should be able to select and test the countdown files, if the file will not play when you press the test button, make sure the correct audio device on your computer is selected, and check the actual wav file and make sure is not blocked by right clicking on it and checking properties.

  4. David Dreckman says:

    I’m stumped. I deleted it, and re installed it using the link on this page. The sound files work from my computer so I know the audio device is right. It also used to work flawlessly. I can send you the files I’m trying to use, they are on Dwarehouse also though.

    thanks, David

  5. David Dreckman says:

    OK, I got it working! There is an audio device in I buzzer. It needs to be at “default” for me not choice 0.

    thanks for the quick responses.

  6. Howard Bell says:

    It quits during the race Why?????

    • MikeP says:

      Most crashes are caused by overloading the tasks the software has to do, unless you have a very fast computer with a lot of resources you probably can’t have the software do multiple tasks at the same time for the same thing, for example if you use the pit speeding alarm, don’t use the speak pit road speed, another common one is the alerts, having voice tone and PM’s all selected for the same alert is a heavy load on the software when the alert triggers. When you experience crashes you should try and disable some features, to try and find out which ones may be too much of a stain on your system.
      One of the big strains was when we took the pit speeding alarm out of a system sound and let users set a custom sound, setting “use classic speeding alarm” in the configuration settings is still the most stable setting for this feature, many users will find the need to balance the sounds across their computer to get levels that work with all their software together, which can be a real challenge. The next best option is to modify their system sound to increase the level or sound. For users that want to use their own sounds, make sure the file is as short and small as possible since your computer may be asked to play the sound file hundred times a minute, and if trying to calculate position to pit, temperatures etc., this has crash all over it, for an average computer.

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