iBuzzer released Sept 9th

A small update to address audio device issues some people have been having, this update should fix the issue of not being able to select your systems default sound device, as well as devices incorrectly named making the next device in the list the correct name.

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6 Responses to iBuzzer released Sept 9th

  1. Michael Franke says:

    Hello guys,

    since yesterday’s update the programm doesn’t start anymore. :/
    The process however is running with some CPU- and memory usage but there is nothing else.

    Any tips for fixing this?


    • MikeP says:

      sounds like something got corrupted in the update, try rolling back the version “add remove programs” in ibuzzer choose reset to previous version, then redo the update

      • Michael Franke says:

        Downgrading didn’t work. But I re-installed it and now it’s running.

        With this I got another problem, sry. 😉
        In the last version I configured the Buzzer to use my secondary audio output device in order to have the spotter commands etc. on my headphone while having the car’s engine sound on my main speakers.
        Now with the new version it doesn’t recognize the other audio output device. Or better: the device is shown in the menus but the sound files are not played over it.

        • MikeP says:

          A change to how default device is selected was added to this version, although a default device is listed in the list. Selecting it won’t work, instead you need to select the -1 default in the list

  2. Nick Green says:

    Can’t seem to update to the newest version. I ma getting a “Unhandled exception” error, “The deployment identity does not match the subscription.”


    Thank you!

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