partsUniversal Camera stand – Ideal for the Oculus Rift Camera, This Aluminum stand can position your camera in just about any hard to reach application.  Order this stand by the size you’ll need,  combine elbows and extension arms to reach around or over obstacles to place your camera in an optimal position. available with 3 base options:

1) ) The Clamp Base can be attached to a desk or shelf.


Standard clamp base

optional clamp base

 2 The optional 7 pound weighted base holds the camera secure,  and can be placed on a desk or on the floor,

3) Optional  Magnetic Base – (neodymium magnets) .

The adjustable Z Bracket design can be adjusted to place the camera to avoid obstacles, Available in 12″ extension arm Lengths order the number of extension arms  and elbows to create your custom mount, then top it off with the  1/4-20  camera mount.

Shipping September 2014 – Free shipping on orders placed before Sept 15th.

Basic Kit (clamp-on, base 2 elbows, 1 12″ arm, 1 camera mount) – US $79.99

Ad-on Kit (3) 12″ arms,( 3) elbows – List -US  $59.99

Weighted Base 7lbs – $25

Magnetic Base – (neodymium magnets) – $40

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MCE Simulator Chassis

frame_lite_sm_renderPut yourself in the driver’s seat and take your simulator experience to the next level with an MCE Simulation Chassis. Strong, sturdy and fully adjustable, our sim chassis is made of light-weight yet strong extruded aluminum. Each kit includes frame, assembly instructions, tools, and hardware to attach your monitor mount and seat. Each chassis has a 24″ x 48″ footprint.

Perfect for driving, racing and flight simulations, the MCE chassis is fully adjustable – including center shelf for your racing wheel or joystick and a second adjustable shelf for your shifter, hand throttle, mouse or other accessory. Even length and height are adjustable – so your racing chassis can accomodate even your aspiring young sim enthusiast!

The MCE ‘Lite’ Chassis is perfect for sim users with a single display up to 27″ and can be upgraded to accommodate 3 monitors up to 22″ each. If you are considering an Oculus Rift when they become available for retail sale, then this is the perfect chassis for you as you won’t need a large and cumbersome monitor setup. Send us an email for your customization requests and we’ll be happy to provide you a quote on your specific needs.

The MCE ‘Standard’ Chassis is engineered for larger display setups. It features more robust uprights to support heavier and larger displays – currently up to 40″ (we are testing for larger displays). Send us an email for your customization requests and we’ll be happy to provide you a quote on your specific needs.

What’s included:

  • Extruded aluminum frame: Base, uprights, main shelf, side shelf, monitor cross-bar
  • Assembly hardware, instructions and tools
  • Hardware to mount your monitor bracket (we can sell you one or make a recommendation based on the size of your display – email for details)
  • Hardware to mount your seat: Please indicate whether you would like studs (up from frame) or bolts (down through seat rails, into frame) and the length you require.

What you will need:

  • Gaming hardware: steering wheel, joystick, etc.
  • Computer or gaming console
  • Display (indicate size if known)
  • Display mount (we can offer a variety of low profile mounts: email for quote)
  • Seat: we recommend salvage units (check your local craigslist, etc.) or new stock racing seat

Chassis Version

Seat mount method:

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